Tuesday, January 20, 2009


i am extremely bored right now. i'm at home coz all my housemates are having their classes. i've tried to call tgv to book the ticket for the movie "they wait" but they've closed the reservation for the time i wanted to book. Damn it..i dont wanna risk goin there coz i'm afraid that i'll get stuck in traffic jam..Aiman calmed me down and say just wait patiently coz inkheart is in the cinema by 2moro..

Well i'm so sorry for having abandon u my dear diary....i've been busy..(yeay rite) well last saturday we went to kuantan....(kak nur,al, bunny,bobo,aje and i) We met our former lecturers there. We went shopping, hanging out and taking pictures..those pictures above there are the ones i managed to capture.....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


kak nur,albita,moon and i went to midvalley today. we watched kilometre 31. a spanish movie. But the storyline was quite good eventhough i don't really like the ending but at least they deserve to be given some credits cause all the scary and terrifying actions thrilled us. As the story goes on there were some voices or shall i say noise we heard 2 rows behind us. I mean what the hell are you trying to do just shut up and watch the movie. They're not the only one who paid for the tickets we paid for ours too and we deserved to gain some satisfaction for it. Kalo ko nk bising2 sgt beli dvd pasang kt umah korang la..bising la dengan geng2 korang...Saiko dowh...even when the scenes are over they kept on imitating the humming and howling sound from the movie. So i kinda lost my concertration.. Damn it....

But i enjoyed myself as we (moon and i) got to eat ice-cream....we bought from gelato fruity.. (the same place i bought ice-cream when i was with sipi and dila) and the guy remembered me.... He even laugh and said 'hye gurl' and imitate my accent when i said ."i want strawberry ice-cream.." he said.. "here's your straawbeeeerrry ice-cream" well the words are said in sarcasm.....

Hmm...i don't really have much to said but thank god i have taken my car to perodua service and the car is a good condition now....;)

Monday, January 5, 2009


So many things to say that i don't know where to start. And i'm so sleepy so i think i better go to sleep now....

Things to remember....
~ Budget 2009!
Plan your expenses or cut all the unnecessary things...(damn..i've spend a
lot of money today!)
~ Baby Viva needs to be serviced
~ Work on chapter 2 for ae
~ Part time job???

p/s: new year in hometown sounds great but how am i going back?